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Can I buy a cell phone through Duty Free?

Does Duty Free Dufry Brazil carry other brands of cell phones?

I would like to know about the differences between two products. What should I do to compare them?

Some products on the website include a label that reads: “*In SP, embark on terminal 3 only”. What does this mean?

Are the products sold at the Duty Free Dufry Brazil stores original?

Why are M.A.C. products (MAC Cosmetics) not on the website?

Why are Channel products not on the website?

Does the iPhone sold by Duty Free Dufry Brazil work with the 4G network in Brazil?

Does Duty Free Dufry accept an older iPhone as part of the payment for a newer one?

I would like more information about iPhone purchases. Do I have to pay taxes for it or is the value shown final?